Alexithymia phenomenology in psychology: Innovative explanatory-functional psychological paradigm


Alexithymia brings negative consequences on the psycho-emotional well-being and health of an individual. This narrative review attempted to explore previous research at the objective to advance understanding of psychological, essence and genesis on this phenomenon. We presented an analysis of numerous investigations and review works with the aim to fill the existing large gap in the psychological explanation of the emergence and functioning of alexithymia. The truth is that alexithymia is still predominantly studied at the clinical-medical level. Namely, psychological roots are not considered in research or reviews at all, and no consensus on alexithymia psychological origin exists. Evidence indicated that whilst the existing research findings establish multisided relationships between alexithymia and various risk-factors, extremely little is known about its psychological origin and mechanism. The present overview is the first attempt to elucidate psychological essence and genesis of alexithymic symptoms and delve into presenting a disclosure and adequate explanation of the psychological mechanism of alexithymia functioning. Moreover, for the first time an innovative definition of alexithymia is given within the framework of the explanatory-functional psychological paradigm. This article is a narrative review with less rigorous methodology; nevertheless, it is useful for coherent detailed highlighting the problem posed and in cases when too much research from different scientific fields and directions is analyzed.


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affective symptoms, COVID-19, рsychology, alexithymia, psychological definition and mechanism, emotional and psychological well-being, mind-body interconnection, east ancient self-healing techniques, афективні симптоми, психологія, алекситимія, психологічна дефініція та механізм, емоційне та психологічне благополуччя, взаємозв'язок розум-тіло

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Ivanchenko, Andreyanna (2022). Alexithymia phenomenology in psychology: Innovative explanatory-functional psychological paradigm / A. Ivanchenko, O. Timchenko, E. Zaika, O. Zavgorodnya // Minerva Psychiatry. - 63(4). - Р.379–396. - -