Fluxonic Properties of Vortices in a Washboard Pinning Potential Fabricated by Focused Particle Beam Techniques




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Proceedings of the International Congress on Advances in Applied Physics and Materials Science, Antalya 2011


A challenging aspect of the usage of patterned nanostructures relates to the development of superconducting devices operating with the Abrikosov vortices in some pinning potential. To provide such a potential we have used thin epitaxial films of Nb with washboard-like nanostructures in the form of grooves or Co stripes. The nanostructures were prepared by focused ion beam milling or focused electron beam induced deposition, respectively. The results of transport measurements affirm the existence of two fluxonic effects, the guided vortex motion and the vortex ratchet effect, both invoked by the nanostructuring. In particular, the effects represent the basis for the development of advanced fluxonic devices using a directional or orientational control of the net vortex motion in Nb films nanostructured by focused particle beam techniques.


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ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA A,Vol., No. 1,121 (2012)