Methods of study population settlement іn socio-economic geography




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Oxford: Oxford University Press


The article deals with methods of study population settlement in socio-economic geography. It is specially noted features of type of population settlement. It is spoken in detail different methods of regional research. Much attention is given to сentrographical method. The article gives a detailed analysis of spatial interaction between social and geographical objects. Finally, the role of the proposed methods is shown


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human geographical research, type of population settlement, spatial characteristics, "rank-size" index, urban settlement, study of settlement system, сentrographical method, the index of population concentration, Lorenz curve, the coefficient of priority, regional economy

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Ludmyla Niemets, Kateryna Sehida, Nataliya Gusieva, Kateryna Kravchenko. Methods of study population settlement іn socio-economic geography // Journal of Economic Geography. – Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017. – Issue 6 (2), November 2017. Volume 17. – с. 1439-1448