Ксилярієві гриби (Ascomycota, Fungi) як потенційні індикатори стану лісу




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Xylariaceae are a diverse and widespread group of fungi that can use woody plants as a substrate. Most members of this group are endophytes, which means that these fungi can colonize the inner tissues of plants without causing disease symptoms. At this stage of their life cycle, such fungi may have a mutualistic relationship with the host plant. This fungi usually sporulates only after host tissue death, although some species are considered to be weak parasites and can cause damage. The way of life depends on plant health: if the plant is stressed under some abiotic or biotic factors, Xylariaceae representatives become parasites, which is accompanied by the formation of stromata on the living plant. At the same time, the high species diversity and abundance of Xylariaceae representatives on dead wood in the forest is an indirect indicator of forest health.


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гриби, Xylariaceae, ендофіт, індикатор, ліс, екосистема

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Худич, Анастасія Сергіївна. Ксилярієві гриби (Ascomycota, Fungi) як потенційні індикатори стану лісу / А.С. Худич , О.Ю. Акулов // Лісівнича наука: стан, проблеми, перспективи розвитку (УкрНДІЛГА – 90 років) : міжнародна науково-практична конференція (2021 ; Харків) : матеріали. – Харків: Планета-Прінт, 2021. – С. 234-235