Comparison of refractive indices of amorphous and crystalline As2S3




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Institute for Single Crystals


Method to calculate refractive index and transparency range dispersion of amorphous As2S3 is proposed. It is based on effective dielectric permittivity models for porous composite media, comparison of glass and crystal density and use of data on refractive index of the crystal. It is shown that the best agreement of calculated and experimental values of refractive index of glass is obtained within the wavelength interval 460-670 nm when using Lorenz-Lorentz formula. It is established that As2S3 glasses possess pores with filling factor q=0.057 submerged to isotropic matrix with approximately two times smaller porosity (qM=0.031).


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оптика, кафедра физической оптики, сульфид мышьяка, эффективная диэлектрическая проницаемость, формула Ньютона, формула Лоренц-Лорентца, формула Максвелл-Гарнета, формула Бруггемана, показатель преломления

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Funct. Mater., 2009, Vol. 16, № 4, pp.412-417.