GIS-Module Ukrainian - watershed modeling software for environmental research purposes

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Харківський національний університет імені В.Н. Каразіна


The author’s approach of the GIS-Module Ukrainian software elaboration has been briefly introduced. This software links computer simulation of drainage areas with geoinformation technology implemented in this PC modeling system. Such an approach unites a strong spatial aspect of geomorphic-hydrologic research area of GIS applications with human environmental issues in watersheds. As a practical implementation of the approach suggested the GIS-Module software has been firstly presented in this paper in terms of its functionality, operational scope, and some basics for users. Few generalized regional examples of the GIS-Module using and testing have been provided.


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GIS, fluvial topography, watershed environment, spatial geomorphic-hydrological analysis, channel network, watershed geoinformation model, socio-economic geographical data visualization

Бібліографічний опис

Часопис соціально-економічної географії: Міжрегіональний збірник наукових праць. – Харків, 2011. – Вип. 10(1) – С.58-65