How is it like, suddenly to find yourself under Russia bomb-attacks? Monstrous consequences for peaceful Ukrainians’ psyche


Monstrosity of russia-attacking on Ukraine became a hot topic for global scientific community. Majority of articles devoted to Ukrainian war-situation are commentaries, demonstrative-reviewal information, narrations, written in a descriptive-expository-elucidative form. There are only single scientific mathematical-statistical results, but no analysis of person’s mental/psycho-emotional state. For the first time, the psychic/psycho-emotional state of civilians, remained in Kharkov shelled by aggressor-russia (furthermore, from the first war days), was studied. Visual psychodiagnostics methods – observation, conversation was used: watching; scrutinization; surveillance- overseeing; reviewing while going the battle-events (the only possible ones during constant missile strikes/explosions around). Study participants (n=585) stayed in Kharkov during all period of active rocket/bomb attacks. There were determined and characterized time-stages of participants’ states, partially similar to those when people learn about the diagnosis of cancer/radiation/IDS diseases: • shocking non-understanding, fear-anxiety-unbelief (1st-2d weeks); • sadness-loneliness-waiting (3d-4th); • indifference-adaptability-hope (5th); • unconcern-carelessness-heedlessness dangerous for life, for many unwavering faith in victory, its expectation (6th and on). For Kharkovites (all Ukrainians, too), it is impossible to realize-accept that the war is going on: the state of unbelief-unacceptance-nonunderstanding this fact rests, remains deep subconsciously. Remaining alive, a person has a need to imitate the former normal life – thus, automatically protective-defensing body mechanism is triggered. Such psychic states’ manifestations were identified, traced their evolution: nervousness (with increasing participants’ age, the quantity who felt it decreased – from 75% to 30%), constant emotional stress (slightly increased with age – 60%-75%), sharp change in mood (significantly decreased with age – 90%-12%). Children appeared the most vulnerable and susceptible to all psychic/psycho-emotional states: 90%-55% compared to 75%-12% of adults. These states are dangerous because they may initiate pathological neurologo-somatic disorders in the body. With the aim of prevention-rehabilitation, the participants were offered self-healing techniques (Reiki, meditation, sport exercises) which helped to divert attention, partially stabilizing the psycho-physiological state.


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Russian aggression, war in Ukraine, stress-factor, psycho-emotional state, prevention-rehabilitation techniques

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Ivanchenko, А., Khrystenko, V., Ovsyannikova,, Y., & Zaika,, E. (2023). How is it like, suddenly to find yourself under Russia bomb-attacks? Monstrous consequences for peaceful Ukrainians’ psyche // In Conference Proceedings of International Webinar on Neuroscience and Neurology (June 01-02, 2023, Dubai). - Sheridan (Wyoming) : Scientex Conferences LLC, 2023. - Р. 7, 44-45. - -