Вивчення флуктуючої асиметрії річкового окуня (Perca fluviatilis L., 1758)




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Study of fluctuating asymmetry of European perch (Perca fluviatilis L., 1758). Vinogradovа K. P, Sakun Yu. V., Belousova K. M., Goncharov G.L., Shabanov D. A. – 256 river perches (Perca fluviatilis L., 1758) were captured at the shallows on the Seversky Donets River in the Zmijivsky district (Kharkiv region). These perches belonged to three age groups (0+, 1+ and 2+). Number of scales was count on both sides of each fish along the lateral line; number of rays in the pectoral and pelvic fins was also count. It is shown that these features may be the measure of fluctuating asymmetry. It was found, that the level of fluctuating asymmetry decreases with age. The lowest asymmetry is typical for individuals with average size for the age group, that is individuals with average growth rate. These results are considered as a manifestation of stabilizing selection.


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Perca fluviatilis, флуктуююча асиметрія, швидкість росту, стабілізуючий добір

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Біологія та валеологія, 2012. - Вип. 14. - С. 9-17