Аnatomical and physiological aspects of the cardiovascular system


Human anatomy and Physiology is the science of structure of biological organisms and life processes, the activity of individual organs and a living organism. The subject of these two sciences are the parameters of the living organism, for physiology, these are the functions of the body, their relationships, regulation and adaptation to the environment, for anatomy, these are the morphological features of the individual as a whole and in the process of evolution during individual development. This discipline is designed to combine the existing knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, to give the highest understanding of the existence of biological matter, to form the foundation for medical tactics in the medical practice of a future doctor.


Methodical recommendations for students in course «Anatomical and physiological aspects of the cardiovascular system» are developed in accordance with the current programs in physiology for students of medical faculties of universities. The manual is designed for students in preparation for the course «Anatomical and physiological aspects of the cardiovascular system». Each topic contains a list of practical skills and control questions. The topics are illustrated with drawings and diagrams that facilitate the perception of the material and promote its better assimilation. The materials allow students to form a correct understanding of the laws of the human body. For medical students

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Anatomical and physiological aspects of the cardiovascular system: methodical recommendations for self-preparation of 2nd year students of the School of medicine in the discipline «Anatomical and physiological aspects of the cardiovascular system» / compilers S. Sherstiuk, K. Gaft, R. Sydorenko, A. Havrylenko. – Kharkiv : V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, 2023. – 76 p.