Екологічна оцінка геохімічного стану ґрунтів аграрної фірми «Коробочкине»




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Scientific Educational Center. Warsaw, Poland


The purpose of this paper is to estimate the geochemical status of soils using landscape planning tools to develop recommendations for optimizing the nature use of the landscape. During the soil analyses for the content of mobile forms of heavy metals (copper, lead, zinc and chromium), there were found of the maximum permissible concentration of copper at 3 points. The content of zinc and copper, as microelements of the plant nutrition system, at 21 points below recommended. The quantitative estimation of the geochemical condition of the soil is an indispensable and necessary element of the procedure of landscape planning in the study of agrarian landscapes. The initiation of the sensitivity index of the landscape "landscape-ecological index" allows us to more fully estimate the current state of the landscape or its element. Landscape planning can become one of the main tools for managing agrarian enterprises in Ukraine.


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Landscape, landscape planning, agrarian landscape, soil geochemistry, heavy metals, optimization of nature use

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Максименко Н. В. Екологічна оцінка геохімічного стану ґрунтів аграрної фірми «Коробочкине» / Н. В. Максименко, О. В. Порохняк // World Science / Warsaw: RS Global Sp. z O.O.. – 2018. – С. 19–24.