О возникновении культу Антигона Одноглазого




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Nefedov K.U. On the Emergence of Worship of Antigon One-Eyed The article deals with the die of cult of Alexander the Great's successor Antigonos the One-Eyed. The author has analysed the early epigraph! cevidense about the cult of Antigonos and has concluded that this cult was not only a honouring of great benefactor of Greeks, as many scholars consider, but it was a cult of main claimant to the domination over the alf Alexander's Empire. When Ptolemy I, Seleukos 1 and Lysimachus tried to legitimate their ambitions to rule over the separated parts of Empire in the way of spreading the posthumous cult of Alexander, Antigonous, having claims to rule over the all Empire, took care of cultic honours for himself. However Antigonous didn't forced the Greeks lo bestow divine honours to him, but tryed to receive this honours by means of benefactions and the policy of freeing the Greeks.


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Нефедов К. Ю. О возникновении культу Антигона Одноглазого // Древности 1997-1998. Харьковский историко-археологический ежегодник. – Харьков: АО «Бизнес Информ», 1999. – С. 90-95.