История средних веков в трудах харьковских исследователей (1804–1835 гг.)





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S. Liman. Medieval History in the Works of Kharkiv Researchers (1804–1835) The article dwells on the history of study of problems of foreign Middle Ages by Kharkiv scientists in 1804–1835. Those problems were: the condition of science and education in Middle Ages, effect of Byzantine law on Rus, international relations. Kharkiv scientists also turned to certain social and economic aspects (development of trade, protectionism systems, forms of land titles). The concepts of 18th century Education historians and from 1830s also Hegelian philosophy of history exerted a gigantic effect on their workings. At the same time the influence of providencialism remained traditionally strong. The geography of works of Kharkiv scientists embraced West European countries, Byzantium, Middle East, European colonies in Americas as well as the history of foreign Slavic peoples (in fragments). During this period the most obvious contribution to the study and teaching of Medieval history was brought by A. A. Degurov, I. F. Timkovskiy, V. F. Tsykh.


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Лиман С. И. История средних веков в трудах харьковских исследователей (1804–1835 гг.) // Древности 2006-2008. Харьковский историко-археологический ежегодник. — Вып. 7. — Харьков: ООО «НТМТ», 2008. - C. 170-182.