Load transfer from the growing fibre into the growing medium: application to plant leaf growth





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Biological materials change their mass, shape, and porosity during the growth and possess high strength and durability at general lightweight design. Biological tissues are considered to be inhomogeneous anisotropic multiphase composites reinforced by fibres. A 2D problem of the load transfer from the growing fibre into the growing plate with different own growth rates and viscosity is considered in this paper. Rheology of the growing biological tissue is described by a modified Maxwell model of viscoelastic media. Numerical calculations of the growth velocity and stress fields are carried out. The influence of rheological parameters of two media on the stress–strain state is investigated. It is shown that the stress field may provide local coordinated growth of the fibres and the plate when the rheological parameters of two materials are different and anisotropic growth is observed.


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growing continuous media, Maxwell body, load transfer, stress–strain state

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Proc. Estonian Acad. Sci. Phys. Math., 56, 2,