The Simulation Model of the “HELPERS” Influence on the Population with Limited Resources





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The research of various population processes is an important stage in the understanding of different patterns of the group behavior inside the population. In our time, the society goes through a significant amount of thrills connected with unusual behavior models of individuals, such as homosexual behavior, abandonment of children, etc. Different scientific underpinnings can help in accepting of this kind of individuals by radical-minded people. The simulation model of these processes allows evaluating them in different conditions and with a significant amount of cycles. This allows understanding the ways and under which conditions different behavioral models are the most efficient and are fixed in the population The model simulates competitiveness for common resource between two groups. The first group (G1) consist of “parents” (individuals that are engaged in reproduction) and “helpers” (that are not engaged in reproduction, but potentially influence the intra-group process). The second group (G2) consist of “parents” individuals. We believe that conditions, in which the model group displaces the alternative group, may in the real biological evolution contribute to the alleles pinning, which foster the emergence of the “helper”.


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simulation, homosexual behavior, group selection

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