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There is hardly ever an issue nowadays which causes as many arguments and even conflicts. The world is definitely endangered, but who is to blame? The answer may be given on condition that we, firstly, posses some plausible facts about the environment and secondly, have linguistic ability to discuss and comment on them. The book offered here provides you with the both. On the one hand, there is plenty of information about such global environmental problems as natural disasters, global warming, environmental pollution, waste and sewage management, alternative sources of energy. It is important that the issues at the end of the book are presented in terms of a separate nation: Great Britain, the United States and Ukraine. Besides the scope of the information provided by the world stakeholders in the environmental monitoring and green technologies, the book will encourage honing diverse student s linguistic skills. It presents plenty of new vocabulary, authentic argumentative articles and a wide range of tasks to develop oral and written communicative skills. It may be recommended for В1—C1 levels according to the Common European Frarnework of Reference for Languages.

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environmental issues

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Environmental Issues / Проблеми навколишнього середовища. Рівень В1-С1 / Бондаренко Є. В. - Х. : Видавнича група "Основа", 2007. - 109 с.