On foreign economic laws of economy development and keynotes of economic education

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The article reveals the essence of the law of spiritual and moral determination of the public, including economic development; described the obstacles to its adoption, given the evidence of his actions in society and the economy, the necessity of studying law in higher education, including in the economic education.


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Foreign economic laws of economy development, Moral law, evidences of the law, civilization, сrisis, the ontology,The law of moral and spiritual determination of social as well as economic development, obstacles to the adoption of the action of spiritual and Moral law in the economy

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V.V.Kompaniets ON FOREIGN ECONOMIC LAWS OF ECONOMY DEVELOPMENT AND KEYNOTES OF ECONOMIC EDUCATION Orthodox Scientist in Modern World and Cjntemporary Society: Materials of the 4-th Scientific and Practical Conference, Sept. 25-26, 2015, Salonika, Greece.- ISTOKI,2015.-330 p., P.28-42^