Long-distance liquid transport in plants





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A brief review of the thermodynamic and fluid dynamic problems related to long-distance liquid flow and signalling in plants is presented. Geometrical parameters of the plant leaf venation are measured and the general relationships between the diameters and lengths of the veins, branching angles at the vein bifurcations, and the corresponding drainage areas are obtained. The same relationships had been obtained before for the bifurcations of the pathways in the arterial and bronchial systems of mammals and humans; tree trunks, branches and roots; and river basins. The identity of the principle of design of the transportation systems in the nature can be understood on the concept of optimal networks that provide liquid delivery at total minimal energy costs. The corresponding models of the optimal vessels and branching systems of vessels with impermeable and permeable walls are presented and discussed.


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plant biomechanics, conducting system, fluid transport, optimal pipeline, Murray’s law

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Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, 57, 3